2003-2011 -  When I first read this article a couple of years ago, it resonated with me at the time.  It's interesting that I won't hear from
some of Andrew and Jarrett's friends for ages and then, all of sudden, they show up again -- either in person or through an email.  They
all remember.  They remember March 3rd and March 5th.  They were there to comfort us and support us.  They haven't forgotten.

But I don't really expect anyone to go tramping through the cemetery in a foot of snow.  I don't even go there as much as I used to.  It's
extremely dangerous in there right now.  The road is very icy and there's only one lane.  It's their way of keeping us out.  They've been
trying to keep me out of there for a long time.  "Mom, you come here too much."  I can actually hear them saying that.  

That their friends still remember Andrew and Jarrett is enough for me.  God bless those saintly boys!  God bless their friends who still
care.  Amen to that, djb
Footprints in the snow in January 2006
Footprints in the Snow by Bill Page