My Easter lily - it had 10 flowers on it!
Big red tulips with a yellow eye
Munchkin daffodils
Some kind of double small white daffodil
Front flower garden - looks much better than this
Gorgeous tulips
The spurge - you can tell I love this plant!
Front from a different viewpoint
You can see the burning bush is getting leaves
Gorgeous gigantic yellow tulip with red stripes
I like these triangle pointy yellow tulips
More red tulips
Tulips in Andrew and Jarrett's garden in back
Ditto what I said on the left
Another angle of the same flowers
I just love the red tulips
Sunday - April 23, 2006 - They're all so gorgeous in person.  It makes all the hard work worthwhile when I see these colorful
friends come up year after year.  Of course, I thank Andrew and Jarrett for being little rowdy guys outside, so I had to be there to
watch them.  Otherwise, I might have been inside CLEANING the house.  Yikes!!  That sounds like not that much fun.  All righty
then, enjoy.  later gator, djb
Flowers - 2006