February 24 & 27 * March 1, 2010 - Current Journal
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - It's snowing so lightly that
you can barely see it, but it's there all right!  Now the sun's
coming out to blind me ---  sun, go away...

Yesterday, I talked to Donna who works in the eye glass
department at Wheaton.  My regular glasses have been
made and are waiting for me to pick them up but the sun
(which I desperately need) are not.  She's going to
call me when they're finished.  Finally!!  

Most people have no clue what it's like to not be able to see
very well -- it's been almost TWO YEARS
(that's around 700
since I could lose myself in a book without having
severe situations with my vision.  It's been very difficult to
enjoy reading anything -- virtually impossible.

People who sit around and read all the time have no idea
how extremely fortunate and blessed they are to be able to
do that.  Don't know what you've got til it's gone.........

Plus, it's affected my brain because think about how
information gets into your head -- visually.  When that's
distorted, your entire being is out of whack - that explains it.

In spite of my disability, I spent quite a good deal of time
yesterday re-arranging my home page and the link buttons.
I won't go into the boring details BUT the website links are
now on the left side so I can put more of them on there at a
time (discovered accidentally).  ah ha!

I'll put asterisks (**) around the dates of the changed links
-- that'll make it easier to figure out what has changed.   In
fact, if you're reading these words, you already successfully
navigated to this page and Kudos to You!  You're smart.

Enough of the technical workshop.  I'm going to publish this
so I can see them myself.  Oh boy!  later, djb
Andrew & Jarrett on the patio at Bergs doing
homework while we were there for the 50th.
Jarrett & Andrew -- they landed among the stars..
Saturday, February 27, 2010 - HAPPY, HAPPY 64th

If Bergs ever question the move to Florida many years ago,
the weather we've had this winter would affirm that decision.  
haha  What a long and cold and snowy time we've had.

Somewhere, I have a picture of everyone standing outside
St. Joseph's Church in Harvard after the wedding ceremony
and they're all bundled up.  Of course, it was February and it
was Northern Illinois - not sunny Florida.

I should have gotten these anniversary pages together
yesterday but for some reason, I was in a time warp.  Ever
since they changed our garbage day, I've been confused.  
Well, maybe before that.

Oh yeah, I went in and got my new glasses.  The only
problem was that I also need bifocal-ness.  The optician
who initially took care of me seemed to gloss that over.  
Yesterday, I think I had the boss or someone who
understood from personal experience that regardless of the
annoyance, these eyes need bifocals.

My left eye has been over-compensating for the past two
years, so now both eyes have to work together and that's
going to take an adjustment.  Of course, as soon as I get
used to these glasses, then I'll get the new bifocal lens and
I'll have to adjust to that.  Oh boy!

Things are definitely clearer but the astigmatism causes
weird visuals.  Hard to describe but there is definitely a depth
perception issue close-up.  And it's almost impossible to
look outside because the glare from the snow is too much.

It's time for me to link up all the Berg anniversary pages.  
Good luck to me.  Happy Anniversary to you all.  byebye, djb
Mary Ellen and Gale on their wedding day
- 64 years ago today (February 27th).
Grandpa and Grandma a few months ago
Monday, March 1, 2010 - Happy Anniversary to Bob and me!

I've been going berserk today trying to find everything that I
have relating to March 1st.  A lot of it has a February date on it
because I overlapped my pages.  Stop that, Donna!!  You're
going to confuse the lame and feeble-brained.  That's me!

Sometime late this morning, I had an
ah ha moment of semi-
clarity.  There's photographic evidence from our trip to Hawaii
(Kauai) in 2004.  Here's the link to the slideshow.

There's been some weird error messages that I seem to get
from time to time that kept popping up this morning and their
untimely appearance was impeding my forward progress,
however they seem to have disappeared for now.

I have to fill in this space because when I put in a new day, I
move everything else down one spot.  Don't have a lot to chat
about because I'm so intent on getting this finished.

When you look at the slideshow link, you'll see that Bob and I
are going to the Olive Garden tonight.  I love that place -  it
smells so good and tastes good, too.

After the Chile terremoto (earthquake), I put a link on the
home page to the South American earthquakes.  It's so scary
how many aftershocks those poor people had.  I feel so sorry
for them.  They must be terrified.  Okay, see ya later, djb