February 28, 2006 - Daily Journal
Mary Ellen and Gale smiling for the cameras at the hotel in front of the tropical
waterfall - celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.  This was the same place but
with different cameras
later - February 28, 2006 - I went into Best Buy
and got one of those little DVD players so I can play
Loch Ness Monster DVD at the cemetery on
Friday for Jarrett's friends and classmates.  It's
sooooo funny!!

Plus, I've got the Jack*ss video that Kevin, Jon and
Jarrett made.  Apparently, Drew Olson's mom has
another Jack*ss video that includes some of the
other guys.  I'd LOVE to see that.  She's going to
make me a copy.  

Maybe I'll put another picture in here.  I didn't make
meatloaf.  Had turkey instead.  Bob's going to be
home late because he's going to the eye doctor
after work.  Plus, some red potatoes, fresh green
beans and a salad.  That sounds good.  yummm

I'm still working on the pictures.  It's takes a very
long time to edit them to put on here.  You have NO
idea, and it's very tedious.  It just goes on and on -
it's a labor of love.

We have a picture of Uncle Everett with his brother,
Gale (my dad), and his nephew, Bob and another
one with my brother, Alan.  Plus, Uncle George,
Aunt Helen and Debbie went up to see Uncle

This anniversary celebration really was an amazing
event.  The only thing that could have made it
better is if Aunt Gladys and her clan and Jeanne
Ellsworth could have been there.   better go, djb
Birdie sitting on a post at the golf course.  When we got there
on Thursday, Bob and I played golf with Denny and Avis.  We
had a great time.  Too bad that the best thing I do on the golf
course is drive the golf cart!!!!
Bergy and Avis are patiently sitting in their golf cart getting
ready to go to the first hole.  
Bergy hitting a drive out at the golf course on Thursday
afternoon - 86 degrees
Tuesday - February 28, 2006 - It's just a little bit after 7 am.  Last night, I downloaded over 200 pictures that I took in Florida at the
never-ending 60th Anniversary celebration for Andrew and Jarrett's grandpa and grandma.  I would have taken more but the battery on
one of my cameras stopped working and an unfamiliar
RED light came on.  So, I had to charge it before I could download!  Mercy!

I'll put more pictures in here as the day goes by but right now, I have to go upstairs and make a sandwich for Bob before he goes to
work. He's been on vacation since last Wednesday, and I know he's got a ton of e-mails and a pile of stuff waiting for him at work.  

Yes, we did play golf.  Let me put a picture of a BIRDIE in here (see picture down below).  haha  bye for now, djb
Granny, Alyssa, Grandpa opening their anniversary cards and some
gifts on Sunday afternoon.
Diane (I like her hair) and the other folks milling about
in the gorgeous lobby at the hotel on Saturday night.  
Gale, Bob, Uncle Everett in February 2006
Alan, Bob and Uncle Everett - February 24, 2006