Daily Journal - February 21, 2006
Andrew and Jarrett - I like to see their faces smiling at me every day.
later this am - I just got an email from Diane.  She told me yesterday that Marc was in the hospital with chest pains.  He
already had a stent put in during the second hurricane!  Now, they are going to do heart bypass surgery this afternoon.  
They are transferring him to another hospital shortly.  The surgery should take around 4 hours.  It makes me very shaky
remembering the anxiety I felt when Bob went through it the summer after the boys died.  Coincidentally, Grandpa had
quadruple bypass surgery shortly before we had the 50th anniversary celebration in 1996.  This is just unbelievable because
not only will Marc be there but Steve's wife, Mary, is going in for a heart procedure on Thursday, and I think it's at the
same hospital.  She's having an angiogram or angioplasty - I'm not sure, I haven't seen her medical records yet!  Holy
moley, Batman!  This is very bizarre.  All of these heart problems in the month of February!!!  better go.  see ya later, djb

Tuesday - February 21, 2006 - See that link up there?  That will take you to yesterday's journal so that I don't have these
huge, gigantic pages full of stuff that take forever to load in your computer.  Aren't I nice?  Yes, I am.  I realized that as I
typed the date that tomorrow is Andrew and Jarrett's great grandmother's (Mammy) birthday.  She was born the same day
as George Washington...not the same year.  Although she was pretty old when she died.  A couple weeks short of her 103rd
birthday - that's more than a century.  Now, that's old!  Anyone who complains about being 40, is just being silly.

I'm so happy to have the weather box back on my home page.  We're just a bunch of weather nuts in our family.  One day,
last summer we had a lot of rain and I called my brother Ron to see how much rain he had gotten at his house.  Sadly and
unbelievably, he told me that he didn't have a rain gauge.  WHAT??  You don't have a rain gauge??? What happened??  
Why??  Darn. I was going to get him one for his birthday.  When I related the story to Bergy, he actually exclaimed,
"WHAT, he doesn't have a rain gauge?"  I laugh out loud as I type this.  Because we MUST laugh.  Even if we're sad, it's
still good to laugh once in a while.

Now, I really have to go.  I'll be back.  No, really.  I really mean it.  haha bye, djb
Here's Marc and Diane together when we were
in Florida at Christmas.  God bless Marc.  God
bless the doctors who are operating on him.  I
always say that heart surgeons are right up
there next to God because they literally hold
your life in their hands.  Amen to that!  Send
him some prayers and some good thoughts!  
Thank you!!!
Andrew and Jarrett - I like to see their faces smiling at me every day.