December 30, 31 2013 & January 3, 2014- Journal
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - The LAST  
DAY of 2013 - no really, that can't be
possible.  WHERE did this year go???

I had planned to get this up and running
early on BUT the internet was NOT
connected when I initially came on here at 4
a.m.  It took a full hour before it was
working duh....

Wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.  We
always think it's going to be good.  Okay,
hopefully it is.  I'll see ya next year.  bye for
now, djb
Monday, December 30, 2013 - The sun is
coming up directly in my line of sight as I sit
here at the computer facing east.

Personally, having the sun shine off of the
snow is SO annoying!!!  It makes my
photophobia worse than ever.

Time lapse of 3 hours.....since I last wrote in
here, I colored my hair, talked to Diane and
washed some clothes.  

Wait a minute -- I have to put them in the
dryer now.  duh..... back later or not. djb
Charlie, Dustin, Chad and Andrew toasting
to Happy New Year January 1, 1999
Jarrett  is playing a video game with
Ryan and Hobbes is nearby.  Happy New
Year 1999.

I am going to lunch with Brenda & Kathy today.  I
wanted to get this up early BUT apparently the
BELOW ZERO temps have frozen the cable that
comes to the computer.  It took me two hours to
get on here - from 4 a.m. til 6 a.m.  By then, I was
cold and tired.

I wish Jarrett was here.  More than anything.  dj