Daily Journal - April 8 & 9 & 10, 2006
Saturday - April 8, 2006 - Today is the day my  
Grandma Sadie Berg was born a long, long time
ago.  I love being able to see what she looked like
when she was a young lady.  Just when you think
that actual photos aren't such a big deal , you come
across exquisite  treasures from the past and
realize that, "yes, they are very important."  Here's a
tangible piece of evidence proving where I came
from.  Strong family resemblance.

It was 32 degrees when I got up this morning.  
That's 0 Celsius.  brrr  I did check on the daffodils
and hyacinths and they do look cold but they're not
frozen.  They know what to do - hunker down!  

I took a picture of a purple African violet, but it was
blurry.  Grandma Berg always had African violets
sitting on the window sill in her pantry in the house
on the farm that eventually became our house.  It
was nice to be reminded of her through the flowers
on her birthday.  I'll try to take another picture or 20.  
haha   All right, I'll put it in here.

I heard Bob rattling around upstairs.  I'd better go
make some fresh coffee for him - love the smell -   
Grandma LOVED coffee and she made some
awesome coffee cake and everything else,
including chocolate chip cookes!!  Here's to ya,
Grandma!  Happy Day, djb
Two different poses of young Sadie Vesta - she looks older and more
serious in the one on the right and the dress is more sophisticated.  
Grandma Berg outside the patio at Berg's house in Florida -
probably around 1973 or 1974
Grandma holding the hands of Cindy (left) and Marilyn
(right) on the farm in Alden (I think that's where it was!)
Blurry African violet - will be replaced by a clear one later.  It's later
now, and the clear one is on the right - over there---->
Here's what has come up in my front garden so far this spring.  It's hard to take wide angle shots of
the flowers - that's why I always have to take close-ups so you can actually SEE them!
This picture in the
middle doesn't look
that clear, so I
cropped the tulips
and the daffodils so
you can see them
better - below left.  
This side was
cropped to better
show the little
daffodils and the
hyacinths (they
smell so good).
left:  large view of the early tulips                                                  right:  close-up view of the early bird tulips
Tulips, hyacinths and little daffodils
Big, yellow daffodil trio
Sunday, April 9, 2006 - Today is my little
sister's birthday.  I still remember when
she was born.  Hey, it wasn't THAT long
ago!  It was a beautiful, warm spring day.  
Apparently, that's the kind of weather we're
going to have this week - in the upper 60's
into 70's.  There's even talk of possibly
reaching 80 by Friday.  I know, it's wacky
talk.  The lawn mowers will be humming
and people will be out in their yards
pruning and picking up sticks, etc., etc.  I
guess you only need ONE et cetera!

That's what I did yesterday (without the
lawn mower humming!).  The flowers got
frosted again last night but they told me
that's the last time we'll have a freeze at
night for a while.  Maybe until the fall - that
would certainly be nice. All right, I must be
going now.

Enjoy your Palm Sunday!  
Happy Birthday
to Diane.
 see ya later, djb
Upper left:  Diane, Granny & me
Lower left:  Andrew, Diane, Jarrett
Right:  Diane on Kathy's lap, Judy
on the right and Uncle Ron in back
Monday, April 10, 2006 - I don't have time to start a new page this morning
because I have to go into town and get some more mulch.  I worked in the
yard yesterday afternoon and it was wonderful.  It's supposed to be 68
degrees here today.  That is awesome!  I'm so thrilled.  Bob went to the
golf course yesterday and it was packed.  It's so exciting.  My flowers are so
happy.  I think I may be able to get a good picture today after I put down
some more mulch.  Of course, there are still quite a few flower beds that
have to be cleaned out.  But with this nice weather, I'll be able to finish
them all this week.  At least, that's my plan.

I like this picture of Jarrett and Andrew.  It totally cracks me up.  We were at
Bob's aunt and uncle's house in Florida - they have a swimming pool in
their house which is why the boys had their suits on.  I think they were
looking for an alligator in the canal (you can see it in the background).  
Okay, gotta go - my skedaddling shoes are waiting.  bye, djb