Daily Journal - April 6 & 7, 2006
Thursday - April 6, 2006 - I heard something very troubling last
night that I just can't ignore talking about.  It's the very sad story of
a young high school girl who lived faraway named Luz (which
means "light" in Spanish).  She took her own life recently (God
bless her).  The night before last, I finished reading the book,
"What Dreams May Come" which is about death and what may
happen afterward and so on.    For some reason, that book
resonates with me like no other I've read recently.  

This young lady apparently had problems with life that she couldn't
resolve, and she saw no way out except through death.  I think
most of us don't choose to come to earth to die before our time by
our own hand.  Although I suppose there are exceptions, of
course.  We always have a choice - that's where the free will
comes in.  But I also think that sometimes problems are magnified
beyond what a person can handle.  Especially, teenagers.  (Do a
Google on the teenage brain - very interesting - enlightening and

Time and again, I told Andrew & Jarrett, if you ever think that killing
yourself is going to help you get rid of your problems, think again.  
You take your problems with you.  Well, why would I say that to my
kids?  duh.  Teenagers oftentimes think that their particular
situation is unsolvable, insurmountable and not a single person
has ever felt the desolation they do, all alone, etc.   
No one
understands me!!!!

Which brings me back to Luz.  Some of her classmates said things
to her that they now regret.  Gee, wasn't that something I've said
like a million times before.  
Be careful what you say.  Words are
very powerful.  Words can be just like weapons.  Especially
to anyone who is particularly vulnerable.  And  also
remember this:  Your words can come back to haunt you.

Say KIND things to one another.  BE KIND and compassionate to
one another.  I know I always say that and that's because I mean it.
 We're all fellow travelers here on the earth.  When Jesus told us
not to judge one another, He wasn't kidding.  It is NOT our job to
judge other people, that job happens to belong to God.  You don't
have to believe everything I say - just be nice to one another.  Live
your life so that, should the worst case scenario ever occur, you
will have absolutely no regrets!

Please say a special prayer for Luz.  While you're at it, say one for
all of us.  God bless Luz.  God bless us one and all.  later, djb
I grew this calla lily in my
garden a few years ago.  It
is so gorgeous.  Whenever
I see this photo, I marvel at
the beauty of this one,
single flower.  
later - 4/6 - Bob sent me a message and said that a cardinal was
running into his window at work - not once or twice but continually.

Yesterday afternoon, when I was feeling particularly horrible, I laid
down on the recliner to rest my chilly and sore body and hoped to
feel better.  All of a sudden, I heard a "thump" - then another one
and another one and another.  It sounded vaguely familiar.  I
went upstairs to see if the kids across the street were playing
basketball.  They weren't.  Then, I walked into the hallway and I
saw a robin crashing into the window in Andrew's bedroom.  
Then, he did it again and again.  I went in and shoed him away.  
But early this morning, I was getting some coffee and I heard him
again.  So, I went outside and took his picture - that's why it's so
dark - because the light wasn't that good.

When we lived in North Aurora, we had a robin run into the
window every year - the same window in the kitchen.  I called him
Tonto because that means fool in Spanish.  It was either that or
stupid bird, and Tonto sounded better.  Don't even go Googling
for Tonto and The Lone Ranger - I did, and it was very scary.  A
lot of people with too much time on their hands, I'd say.  smile for
the birdie, djb
Tonto, Jr. - the very silly robin sitting
in the tree.  Hopefully, he doesn't
Friday - April 7, 2006 - When I went out to pick up the
newspapers, our neighbor, Bonnie, was walking around the
block, so I joined her.  It feels so good to walk in the morning.  
Plus, Bonnie's so nice.  Her youngest son is 15.  Oh my gosh, I
remember when he was born!  I even remember BEFORE he
was born!   Amazing.  Time flies whether we want it to or not!!

We're supposed to be getting some rain and thunderstorms.  
Plus, I heard that it's going to get down to the 20's tonight or
tomorrow night.  YIKES!!  Those poor little daffodils are going to
freeze.  Maybe I should take some pictures.  Wait a minute.  I
took a picture yesterday.  It's not real clear because I was using
the telephoto lens.  It was taken at the same time I was out
trying to get a picture of Tonto, the wacky bird.  And thanks to
Annette, I'm going to put a picture of an owl in the window.  
Hopefully, that will work.  Either that or a clown! haha  

I'd better go and take care of business.  see ya later, djb  
Early blooming daffodils.  
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