Daily Journal - April 24, 25, 26 & 27, 2006
Monday, April 24, 2006 - I had to buy a new washing machine and dryer today.  
I've spent all afternoon cleaning the garage - that's where the dryer and washer
live.  It's heated so there's no freezing of the pipes or anything like that.  I've been
putting off cleaning the garage and also getting the new appliances, so today was
the day!

Bob built a new gate yesterday.  Here he is on the right measuring and taking care
of gate business.  It was a lot of work.  The gate is VERY heavy.  We didn't get it
hooked up yet because by the time he finished constructing the new gate, it was
getting pretty late.  We're supposed to put it onto the hinges tonight.  Oh boy!  We'll
see how that goes.

I don't have ANY time for chit chat because I have to do some more cleaning and
sweeping and dusting and tossing away stuff.  It's quite a project as you can only
imagine.  Behind the old washer and dryer, it's a mixture of dust, stuff and more
dust bunnies.

It might freeze tomorrow night.  That's so wrong!  It reminds me of when it freezes
in Florida.  It's just so annoying.  I can't control when the flowers come up.  Last
year, I covered them with sheets.  We'll see what I do this year.  No one knows
until I actually do it.  See ya later, djb

P.S.  This picture on the bottom is Bob hammering a nail into the gate.  I like the
way the sun shines on the hammer.  
Tuesday, April 25, 2006 - Yesterday, I had
unworkable appliances and today, I have a
new washer and dryer.  It was amazing.  
The guys who brought them here this
morning, took the old ones out, put the new
ones in and it took about 35 minutes .  Boy!  
They were fast!  I've already washed a
small load of clothes and now they're
drying.  Maybe they're even finished drying!!  
Oh my!  It was great to be able to clean
behind them.  An entire dust bunny nation
lived back there.  Even found a golf ball!!  
I'm sure it belonged to Andrew.

Then, I came downstairs to check the water
softener and THAT gave me:  ERR 1
message.  So, I had to call the people we
bought it from.  If I have to call them and pay
for a service call every time it malfunctions,
I won't be happy.  Right now, I don't mind
waiting for a service person to come
because it's VERY cold here.  Supposed to
get in the upper 20's out here tonight.  I may
have to cover the hosta or I'll regret it all
summer.  This morning, we had sleet or
snow or something icy and small.  It was
quite loud on the skylights.  I brought in all
my plants that were on the deck.  
Yesterday, it was 73 - this morning, it was
33.  Mercy!  see ya in a bit, djb
Baby Hobbes - July 1998 - This was
taken shortly after we brought him home
from the animal shelter. When we got
him he was 10 weeks old.  
Baby Hobbes drinking some water and
his food dish is right next to it.
Jarrett wearing his "The Many Moods
of an Alien" tee shirt - July 1998
Andrew wearing his Ping hat.  By this
time, he was golfing a lot - July 1998
Maytag washer and dryer - they're extra large so I can
wash comforters.  Plus, I think they're called the Quiet
series 100 or something like that.  It's very exciting!!
later today (4/25) - I just went outside and took this picture (above right)  The sun is trying to come out (picture below left after the
sun finally came out).  Isn't this flowering crab tree gorgeous?!  yes.  You can sort of see on the left side under the tree (above) where
there isn't any grass - that's where I put the special dirt that's supposed to help the grass grow.  Of course, I did the same thing last
year and apparently, it didn't work all that well.  I'd rather just plow it all under and plant flowers as opposed to trying to grow grass -
what a silly thing to do.  later, djb
Wednesday , April 26, 2006 - Hard to believe that this month is almost
over.  It's kind of ironic that the day I get my NEW washing machine, the
water softener goes into error mode and I can't wash any clothes!  
When the plumber came to look at it, he said, "I don't know what
Err 1
means - I've never seen that before."  That's when I knew I was in
trouble.  While he was on the phone talking to someone who actually
knew, I went online and found the manual for the water softener and
discovered what it meant and printed off the page for him.  

This thing is so newfangled that I can't touch it or figure it out...  And
when he tried to do what he was supposed to do to fix it, he realized
that it wasn't working!   So, now.....we'll be getting a new power head for
the water softener.  Meanwhile, I guess I'll be mowing grass instead of
washing clothes.  It's cool today, actually, the temperature is NORMAL
for this time of year.  How amazing and amusing.  All the plants came
through the cold temperatures last night except for a few parrot tulips
who are drooping but I think they'll be okay....or not.  Maybe I'll get them
a little stick to lean against.   gotta go, djb
Flowering crab with no sun
Thursday, April 27, 2006 - I had to go into Elburn to mail a
letter, so first I stopped at the cemetery to check on the
daffodils, etc.  It needs some mulch and the trees need food,
but it was fun to see the daffodils.  I hope that the other ones
were eaten by the critters. On my way out of town, I stopped at
Lion's Park to see the concrete pad that was poured for
Andrew & Jarrett's concrete table.  I was stunned!  It is HUGE -
as you can see by the picture.  It's at an angle to the parking lot
and looks so AWESOME.

We might be getting the table in NEXT WEEK depending on
the weather, etc!!!!  I'm so excited.  Yesterday, I ordered some
large chess pieces to be used for anyone who wants to play
chess on the table.  They're in a handy storage box, so that
should facilitate things a little bit.  

I've got to be going.  I'm so busy.  There's so much to do.  Bob
and I finished putting the gate up last night.  I should take a
picture of that - good idea.  Talk to you later, djb
Concrete pad for Andrew & Jarrett's "Chess Table"
Rose bush I planted this morning.
This tulip is so dark purple, it looks black!