Current Journal - April 20, 21, 22, 23, 2006
Thursday, April 20, 2006 - I woke up early because I heard the
beep-beep of a truck backing up at 5:45 A.M.  Not sure who that was
but once I wake up, that's it!  Personally, I could use a truckload of dirt.

No, I haven't written down my "rant" yet.  Maybe I never will.  Okay, I
probably will but I just haven't had the time.  Yesterday, I got involved in
the raspberry garden.  It's a disaster out there.  Plus, behind the shed
is another gardening nightmare.  I'm going to have to get out the
rototiller (which is not a bad thing).  I've been avoiding doing that for a
couple of years, but time's up - I have to start over - too much interloper
grass.  Plus, the back of the shed has to be painted so it's a good time
to start from scratch -
tabala rasa, I always say!

It was nice to see that Mark wrote in the guest book.  Thank you, Mark!  
Since you didn't leave your email address, I'll just have to thank you
here!  Plus, I heard from Colleen yesterday.  She was in Jarrett's class.  
I get the feeling that as the end of the year approaches - which is the
end of their high school experience - time seems to be accelerating.  
It's that percentage thing Bob always talks about.  

I put these pictures in here today because I came across them in an
album, and I just thought they were so cute.  When my dad and Aunt
Gladys were born, it was quite an occasion.  In those days, a lot of
times, twins didn't survive.  One of my dad's older cousins told me a
few years ago that they just loved to "take care" of the twins because
they were so special.  Plus, I love that picture of Don and Sonja.  He's
smiling at the camera and she's smiling at her baby brother.  I always
like when a picture "speaks" to me - a thousand words!   

I'd better go.  It's been an hour since I started this.  It's still early but I
have miles to walk before I sleep.  Talk to ya later, djb
My Uncle Russell is holding Aunt Gladys and Uncle Everett
is holding my dad.  Pretty cute.  Must be the spring of 1921
Here are the TWINS in their high chairs.  Aunt Gladys is
on the left and my dad is on the right.  Adorable.
My cousins, Don and Sonja, when they were
little munchkins.  Aunt Gladys & Uncle
Malvin's children.  They are absolutely precious.
Friday, April 21, 2006 - It's hard to believe that 1/3 of this year is almost over.  I've
been looking for some old pictures, but now I can't find anything!  You'd think that I
would be "organized" by now.  Not so much....

Last night, Bob and I went out to play golf at Hughes.  I can sort of hit the ball in the
air sometimes.  There is no way I'll ever be able to hit the ball 300 yards like
Andrew used to do.  However, there is one thing I can do and that is putt.  I've
completely and totally figured it out.  When I get on the green, I have two chances to
get the ball in the hole.  Then, I imagine that I'm play putt-putt golf (mini-golf)
without the windmills and bears and other distractions.  More times than not, I get
to hear that sweet sound when the balls rolls in.  It's amazing.  That was the part of
golf (the finesse part) that Andrew could not (would not) master.  He'd 3 putt or 4
putt or 5 putt.   Double, triple bogey.  I guess it's all  in  your head, eh?

I did use one of Andrew's old clubs last night - the sand wedge.  Or as I like to call
it, the sandy wedge.  Anyway, on the 6th hole, I hit the ball in the sand trap.  Most
people would find that upsetting, on the contrary, I was thrilled to be able to use the
sand wedge and hit that baby up onto the green.  Oh boy, that was fun.  Two putts
and I was in.  Of course, it takes me a while to get it there which is actually good
practice.  That's okay, it's just a game, right!?!?

After I read Erin's entry, I remembered that I had this other picture of her mom
when she was little.  So cute.  There's that other picture of Grandma Berg with all
the grandchildren in a row, and I can't find that anywhere.  I know I put it on here at
one time.  Of course, considering my various disasters, it's a wonder anything is
still here.  In the archives, a few pictures are missing here and there... if I thought
about it, I could probably figure out why, but I can't go back and do anything with
those files because they're too huge to bring on board on this program.  They're
safe at Yahoo, and that's all we care about.  Safety is no 1 on our list.

Must be going now.  Have to buy some gas for the mower.  see ya, djb    
Sonja Erickson as a cute little toddler.
Saturday, April 22, 2006 - EARTH DAY - Have you done anything nice for the earth lately?  I
remember when I was younger, there was the saying, "Give a hoot, don't pollute."  
Seriously, I was so brainwashed that I can't ever toss garbage out the window of my car
like some people do.  Every once in a while, something blows out my car window, and I
totally have a breakdown.  Oh no, I'm polluting!  I'm sorry, Mother Earth!!   

Yesterday, while I was in town getting gas for the tractor, Uncle Ron dropped by.  So, when
I got here, he had finished his tour of the gardens and took some pictures.  I told him that
we had to go back into Elburn because the tulips that I planted for the boys at Serenity
Falls were blooming and I had to get a picture.  So, we went in there.

Every year, Ron and Liz give me bulbs for my birthday, so we came to the conclusion that
RED is the one that "pops out" the most.  Well, red and yellow both have a popage factor.  
I'm not saying I don't LOVE the other ones, but you can't beat the power of a red tulip.  By
the way, thanks to Mother Earth for the perfect tulip and daffodil conditions this spring.  

While Ron and I were walking in the back yard, we saw a bunny under the evergreen trees.
 I took a picture (of course) and didn't know how well it would turn out, but here he is sitting
still so I could snap his picture.  I'm hearing that we're supposed to get into the upper 30's
in a few days.  That's why we don't plant annual flowers before the 17th of May (siten de
mai).  I think that's how you spell it (it's Norwegian!).

We heard a rumor that they're going to pour the pad at Lion's Park for Andrew and Jarrett's
table next week but we've heard that before so I hope this time, it's true.  That reminds me,
I have to get some chess pieces for the table.  I wonder where they sell OVERSIZED
chess pieces?  hmmmm  I'm putting a flower page on here later.  It's all the flower pictures
I took yesterday.  Maybe I'll go out and take some more today!  talk to you later, djb
Tulips I planted in memory of the
boys in Elburn at Serenity Falls
Mr. Bunny in the backyard
Sunday, April 23, 2006 - I spent a very, very long time
putting the flower pictures on the
page (CLICK on that link and you will see many very
gorgeous flowers!)
.  I've taken more pictures this the
time of day when the pictures will come out clearer.  I
don't know.  They look really nice in person (ask Ron).

This picture
(on the right)  is from yesterday afternoon.  In
the upper right, you can see Bob disassembling the gate.
To the left of him is the tractor and next to it are a few
bags of dirt.  In this picture of the flowers, you can see
white stuff on the ground - that's baby powder to keep the
deer, rabbits and those darn squirrels from digging up
the bulbs.  It does work, but one has to be ever-vigilant.

I've got to be getting back to work.  This has taken so
long.  I have miles to walk before I sleep, doncha know.
bye for now, djb