Current Journal - April 1 & 2, 2006
SATURDAY - APRIL 1, 2006 - It is NOT April already!  I can NOT believe that.  It must be an April Fool's joke.  25% of this year is already
gone and what I have I accomplished.  Whenever it's the first of any month, I always think it's a good day to begin something.  Maybe it
has to do with it being the first.  I don't know.  Last week when I came across the picture of Andrew and Jarrett wrestling around on the
floor in the living in our house in North Aurora, I started looking at the rest of the album, so I'm putting them all together in here.  At first, I
was trying to do it chronologically, but I don't really remember in what order I took these pictures.  Judging from the
RED popsicle, it's
hard to tell because it doesn't seem to be melting in any of the photos.  Of course, these were probably taken in a 2 minute time frame
considering the hyper-boy (Andrew) never stopped moving from the minute he woke up until he went to sleep at night.  These pictures
were taken around the time when Jarrett was 18 months old and decided that he didn't want to take a nap any more.  You're probably
wondering HOW I could remember that.  Think about it....BOTH of them up ALL DAY LONG.  The berserko brothers.  yikes!!  see ya, djb
Andrew & Jarrett wrestling on the floor in North Aurora.  Notice Andrew's Roger Rabbit underwear.  
These were the days before pull-ups were invented otherwise Jarrett would have been wearing those.
It's so funny to see Andrew carrying that popsicle with him wherever he went.  And I love their expressions.  
They acted like little puppies playing together.  
I keep wondering how long it was until one of them got tired of the wrestling and started crying or
whining because that's how it inevitably ended.  Although it looks like they're both having fun.
I like these pictures...
later (4/1) - I went into Elburn to get some cheddar cheese and put gas in my car.
 While I was driving down Hwy 47, I saw some of Andrew & Jarrett's friends out
playing in their driveway, just goofing around.  It made me cry.  The kind of crying
that I can't stop - it just happens...  On my way back home, I stopped at the
cemetery.  It looked kind of bare - like this photo.  I did ask a
why question, and I
know they're not allowed.  Why did they die?  Why are they are dead?  Why are
other people's kids still alive and mine aren't?  I'll never, ever understand it.  But I
guess there are a lot of things I don't get - this being number 1 on the list.  see ya
later, djb
Sunday, April 2, 2006 - We're on the weather watch on the
first day of Daylight SAVINGS Time.  This always reminds
me that at some point during the past few years somebody
got the wacky idea to take out the apostrophe in various
names [persons, places or things
(nouns)].  In particular,
calls them by the colloquial name.  Like St. Joe's....etc.  It
drives me nuts.

Here's what I think happened - the sign painting guy missed
that week in school when you'd learn about possessives
because he had the measles because he didn't get his
vaccination, so he didn't know exactly how to make the sign,
so he just left it out and then everyone else started doing it
because he did it and they thought he knew what he was
doing, and people really don't look at things that closely.  
Except for those of us who have nothing else to do!!!!!!!  

Bob wants to go over to DeKalb and eat breakfast at the
Junction.  I'm a little leery of that seeing as how we are on
weather watch.  That's kind of funny today - since the
entire theme of this weekend is changing time which also
makes me crazy because we all "pretend" that this is
somehow normal. If you think about it, it's kind of a mass
hallucination.  Okay, then we all agree to do this strange
and wacko thing with our clocks and pretend that it's 10
instead of 9 o'clock but if we ALL do it, then it isn't strange.  
Except for the people in Arizona and Hawaii - they will have
no part of it.  Totally, totally hilarious - well, at least it is to
me.  Better go get the newspapers before it rains. bye, djb  
Obviously, these are photos from St. Patrick's Day.  I
found them in a little photo album so I figured I might as
well put them in here - oh faith and begorrah, a few days
late but now they're here so I know exactly where they
are the next time I want to see them.