Daily Journal - April 17, 18, 19, 2006
Monday - April 17, 2006 - It's Patriot's Day today because it's the
third Monday in April!  
That means that the Boston Marathon
takes place on this very day.
 I wonder what time they start?

Maybe they're already finished.  I'll have to check on that....they
start at noon - I just found out.  It's information that's hidden from
the common person.

I'm sure everyone who lives there KNOWS when it begins.  
Good luck to them all.  It's 10 here so it's 11 there, so I'm sure
they're all getting ready to run.

Thanks to Gayla, here on some pictures of Hope and Zoe
yesterday on Easter.  Love to get the pictures of the youngsters!  
They're so cute!!!  

I'd better go.  I have to RUN to the store.  It shouldn't take me too
long.  It's only a 3 and a half miles to Elburn!  (that's a joke)

See ya later.  There's extra room here.  I'm going to fill it with a
few words.  bye for now, djb
Zoe and Hope in the yard looking for Easter eggs.  Hope's basket is almost
as big as she is!
Hope in her pink dress and hat and Zoe with her Easter basket smiling for the camera.
Hope with something that looks like it makes noise
Tuesday - April 18, 2006 - Happy Birthday to Chuck!!!  Hope it's warmer where he
is because it's kind of chilly here this morning.  That's probably a result of the wind
from the Northeast.  Although, I just checked and it's under 10 mph.  If I hadn't
already burned my burn pile (leaves, twigs, grasses, etc.), I could do that today.  
That gigantic pile went from 6 feet tall down to ashes that are maybe 4 inches high
now.  It's hard to tell exactly.  Now, I have to get all the pine cones under the
evergreen trees.  Oh yeah, and don't forget the raspberries!  ouch...

We had 1-1/4 inches of rain on Easter Sunday.  We'd already had 1/8 plus 1/8 =
1/4.  So, the rain gauge is at 1-1/2 inches.  Guess I'd better empty it out before the
next deluge which is reportedly coming tomorrow.

Talked to Krissy last night and Milo is going to be ready to go home tonight from
the animal hospital after the surgery which will insert a pin in his little broken
doggie bone.  How sad.  It's just too weird.  I'll have to get him a doggie get well
card.  I'm sure they have them somewhere.  If not, I can always make one for him.  

Speaking of our dear pets, here's Sable crawling on Jarrett's shoulder.  She's still
alive and hanging in there with Erin and Scott.  In ferret years, she would be a
great-great-grandmother by now (if she hadn't been fixed - which she was when
we bought her).

I have one of those rants that I'm going to engage in later - not sure when.  I've
been able to rationalize it and rather than sound crabby, I actually sound like the
voice of reason..... yes, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Here's Hobbes to the right taking a nap on the brown bear blanket.  It's so-o-o not
the same around here this spring without him.  I miss my little buddy and my other
two little buddies.  See ya later, djb
Here's Chuck wearing Howard's hat.
Wednesday - April 19, 2006 - I don't have anything to say this morning.  Now, it's afternoon - spent a lo-o-o-ng time in the yard. djb
I love this pink tulip!
This flower comes up under the maple tree every spring
Double red tulip - it's so gorgeous in person
The famous spurge plant - it'll get a lot bigger & more yellow
Red tulip growing under the burning bush  
Yellow double daffodil in the middle flower bed
Looking at the orangey red tulips in the front bed with
the middle bed in the background
Chuck and me at Christmas time 2004