Daily Journal - April 14,15,16, 2006
Friday, April 14, 2006 - This picture on the right is my inspiration for playing golf.  Last
night, Bob and I went to the driving range - the same one I used take Andrew to many
years ago - and I actually hit some balls in the air!!  I'm not kidding.  My farthest drive was
probably 140 yards.  I'm going to have to pump some iron, I guess.

Pretty good for someone who hasn't hit a bucket of balls in over 10 years!  Once you
figure out how to hit it in the air, it's fun!!

I have homework to do - read the book "Golf for Dummies."  I started that this morning.  
It's pretty hilarious.  I noticed that after we were finished hitting our bucket, I was able to
watch someone swing and I knew what she was doing wrong.  hmmmm   It's supposed
to be 80 degrees today. bye, djb
Saturday, April 15, 2006 - So, do you have your taxes finished yet?  
That's nice - but they don't have to be postmarked until Monday the 17th -
so you still have time!

I didn't realize that this was the day that President Lincoln died.  He had
some very interesting things to say.  Apparently, the people in charge
haven't taken his advice to heart!  He was quite down to earth in his

Yesterday afternoon, Bob and I went out to Hughes to play 9 holes of golf.
 I actually hit the ball - and we didn't lose any.  I was using the
x-outs.  By the time we got to the 8th and 9th holes, I drove the ball IN
THE AIR and not on the ground.

For some reason, I'm able to hit pop-ups instead of being able to drive
the ball.  That's pretty funny.  Of course, my main attraction to golf is the
cart.  I just love driving it around (at least I can DRIVE that!)

As always, I can feel Andrew's spirit out there at Hughes.  He played
there for years.  It was fun to hear him say that he didn't really like playing
with some of his friends because they goofed around too much and
didn't know the proper way to act on the golf course.  

Better go.  It's 9 a.m. and I have work to do.  bye, djb
Left:  Bob's golf clubs (notice there are no goofy covers)

Right:  My clubs - notice my Notre Dame guy out for a ride on the golf cart!
EASTER SUNDAY - April 16, 2006 - Hope you're having a nice Easter Sunday.  We found out
last night from Brian that the dog next door to them chomped down in Milo's leg and broke it!  
Oh my goodness.  We talked to Krissy later as she was driving into the emergency vet clinic to
see how Milo was doing.  I believe they're doing surgery on his leg tomorrow.

Remember my advice to never get hurt or sick on a holiday weekend.  That even goes for our
animal friends/kids.  Poor Milo.  He wasn't doing anything.  He was actually on his leash in his
own yard.  The neighbor dog is a bull mastiff - apparently, they have quite a bite.  ouch.  It hurts
me to even think about it.  The news that's out there in the world lately is almost TOO
disturbing to even read.  There are some things I don't want in my brain - ever!

Enjoy your day.  see ya later.  God love you, djb
Last year (Easter) - Left: Bryar chasing a bubble, Milo watching the action & Derek

Middle picture:  Milo looking very handsome and quite well behaved.
Above top picture:  Forsythia in bloom

Below bottom picture:  Rhubarb
Andrew's getting ready to hit his ball at Hughes Creek
Andrew's hitting hard - LOVE this picture!