Daily Journal - April 11, 12 & 13, 2006
Tuesday - April 11, 2006 - It supposed to be 76 degrees here
today!  WOW!  That's amazing.  I'm almost finished putting the mulch
on the big flower garden out front.  If it rains, I hope it doesn't knock
those flowers down.  That would be too sad for words.

Last week, I checked on the daffodils I planted at the boys' grave,
and they were just barely breaking through the dirt.  The Stella d'oro
daylilies were up a bit.  If we get some of the rain that they're talking
about, then I think everything will sprout up fairly quickly.

Plus, it's supposed to be close to 80 on Friday.  mercy!  see ya later,
left:  Mr. Cardinal
was sitting on that
stick right outside
the window in the
computer room.  
So, I just grabbed
my camera and
took his picture -
the reason it looks
kind of blurry is
because of
screen on the
I found this drawing of  "Spike" by
Jarrett in one of his notebooks.  I
think it's pretty cute.
Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - I don't really have
anything to say - I'm in the midst of a huge pruning
situation in the front yard.  Behind  Jarrett's head on
the right is where I'm pruning everything in sight.  It's
gotten way out of control.  I wanted to put some
fertilizer on the grass but it's too windy which means I
also can't burn my gigantic burn pile either.

However, there are a LOT of other things to do in
the yard.  I'm going to TRY to get a good picture of
the front flower garden.  It is SO gorgeous.  I put
down 7 more bags of mulch yesterday.  I think I need
about 2 or 3 more bags to get it completely covered.
 It's supposed to suppress the weeds.  hmmm  We'll
see how that works out.  

Yesterday, my hoya carnosa "Krinkle Kurl" (aka
Hindu rope plant) bloomed.  I just took a picture and
put it in here.  It's always a huge surprise to see this
weird looking plant have such an exotic flower.  
Totally love it.  Better get outside and make hay
while the sun shines, if ya know what I mean.  see ya
later, djb
7 years old
June 1993
5 years old
June 1993
Hindu rope flower - it's hard to take a good picture of this
because I don't want to move it around too much and
knock the flower off - plus I have to hold the stem AND
take the picture and NOT shake too much.  haha
Thursday - April 13, 2006 - I have a LOT to do
outside.  I'll put a picture in here of my NEW golf
clubs that I bought from the daughter of a co-worker
of Bob's.  It's VERY exciting.  They've never been
used, they're new and they're gorgeous.  See ya
later.  bye, djb

Here's my golf clubs with the Notre Dame guy cover
belonged to Jarrett.  The other tan cover belonged
to Andrew.  Now, the clubs belong to me!  haha  
bye, djb

P.S.  I spent all day in the yard raking up leaves in
flowers beds.  I'm extremely pooped!