Tulips in the front yard - taken on Wednesday (4/26)
These are the double tulips that look like roses
I am totally enthralled with these star-shaped tulips
Close-up of a tulip posing as a rose!
They are look so happy, don't they?  
More of the those pointy tulips - I have to find out their name
The pink tulips are so delicate and lovely looking
The dark, the pink, the purple.
The purple tulips in front of the spurge - priceless!
I love this close-up of the fringed yellow tulip
Here's my pink parrot - he comes back every year
These are the tulips in the garden out back
Can't get enough of those pink tulips
Is it a rose?  Is it a tulip?  You be the judge.
They look like tri-cornered hats
and more FLOWERS - 2006