This is what each of the recipients of the Andrew &
Jarrett Burkholder Memorial Scholarship receive when
we give them their check during Honors Night in May

(except for 2006 because of gross incompetence by MM)
The following is the cover letter on our scholarship application:
The Burkholder boys were two intelligent individuals with bright futures interrupted by a fatal
car accident in March of 2003.
Andrew Robert Burkholder was full of energy from the day he was born.  He was one of
those kids who would walk up to someone and say, "My name is Andoo, who are you?"  He
loved doing anything if it involved running, jumping, throwing, hitting, playing in the mud or
water, according to his mom, Donna Burkholder.
Those who knew Andrew realized he was smart, but rather than studying, he wanted to spend
any free time with his friends.  Still, he managed to learn a lot.  During his school years, he
would ask his mom if he was smart.  She would tell him that he was a genius.  So, he concluded
that was why he skipped a grade in elementary school and was graduating a year early at the
young age of 17 with the class of 2003.  Since Andrew didn't like to study in high school, he
told his mom that when he went to college he would study and study hard.
Andrew was a spectacular pitcher in the Elburn baseball leagues.  But he preferred to "play"
baseball.  Once it became something he had to practice, he diverted his energies to video
games and subsequently to computer games.  When he took up golf, he found that he did
have to practice.  The act of hitting the ball a mile, appealed to him so he would drive the ball
straight and far.  He loved to play golf because he could spend time outdoors with his friends.
Jarrett Berg Burkholder, like his brother, was an intelligent kid.  In a similar manner to his
brother, Jarrett also learned to read spontaneously before starting school.  He spent time
listening to nightly bedtime stories and going to sleep to classical music.  With his brother, he
put together puzzles, assembled millions of Legos, watched videos and educational TV, played
with educational toys and went on trips to zoos and museums.  Plus, they spent numerous
hours collecting frogs, toads, and other slimy critters while oftentimes fishing in the
neighborhood pond with their friends - always using hot dogs for bait.
A few years ago, Jarrett desperately wanted a ferret because it rhymed with his name (Jarrett's
ferret).  In one night, he devoured a book on ferrets and asked his parents if he could get one,
telling them all that he had learned.  They said, "no" but to Jarrett "no and never" meant "some
day."  Because his mom was taking her special medication, he wore her down until she agreed
to buy him a ferret the next day.  Miss Sable stayed with Jarrett for three years and is now
spending her retirement years in Rochelle with Erin and Scott and their menagerie of critters.
The summer before his freshman year, Jarrett decided to join the chess team upon entering high
school, not just as a member but as the "First Board."  He studied advanced chess books all
summer on the openings and various strategies and visited the internet chess sites watching
games and playing those on line.  Jarrett would always put his entire focus into anything he did.  
He also put that same energy into learning to in-line skate and eventually break dance which he
was close to mastering.  He always loved to amaze his friends with his special moves.
written by:  Kaelynn Wilson (class of 2004)
My thoughts:  When I read about Andrew and Jarrett, I wonder what they would have
accomplished had they lived.  I realize it's a moot point, but maybe in some way
they're having more of an effect from their celestial vantage point.  Regardless, I still
wish they were here.  
We were overwhelmed by the support from the community, our families, friends and
even complete strangers who donated money to make the scholarship a reality.  At first,
Bob and I thought we'd just give out the $10,000 (that was initially donated) in four
years split among the four classes (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) that were at the school
when Andrew and Jarrett died.  However, as time went on and we thought about it, we
decided to add some more money to it and give approximately $10,000 to each class.  
That would be 10 students from each of the four classes.  Since we didn't have our
sweet, precious boys here to put through school, we thought, why not help others.  
Indeed, why not.
What we have actually done is that we gave scholarships to more than 10 students in
Andrew's class.  Some of the ones that we have awarded in subsequent years are kids
who have already graduated and are in college now.  It's part of our arbitrary and
capricious selection process!!
Listed below are the names of all the recipients of the scholarship.
Sadie Anderson
Amy Bauserman
Jon Cain
Doula Dravillas
Neal Eckman
Alberto Gonzales, Jr.
Katie Haas
Trina Kainz
Cheryln Ladford
Marc LaJeunesse
Doug Nelson
Marc Schoonover
Charlie Wahl
Jason Walker
Kelly Arno
Nick Britz
Milo French
Derrick Hight
Megan Lockwood
Theresa Loth
Matt Rowland
Stephen Schenk
Michael Ott
Zach Bauserman
Ben Britz
Steve Hestekin
Sean Kozak
Shawn Lowe
Chad Wahl
Matt Weiland
Vanessa Wolbers
Andrew Wood
Bob, Andrew Wood, Donna - this is one of our better pictures!
Bob, Steve Hestekin, Donna - this one is decent - Steve and Bob look good
Bob, Sean Kozak, Donna - this is bordering blurry
Bob, Zach Bauserman, Donna - this is actually pretty good.
Bob, Ben Britz, Donna - Ben looked SO NICE - loved his tie.  Maybe
there's a less blurry picture in the world that someone can send me!!!
Bob, Sean, Ben, Zach, Steve, Donna  - end of the night - we closed the place!
edited by:  djbergie (class of 1967)
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