Left:  tulips in the front yard.   Middle and right:  Tulips in Andrew & Jarrett's garden in the back yard.
These are various pictures of the parrots and the
yellow fringed tulips
Mostly tulips with spurge upper left and yellow & white daffodils bottom right.
On the left, is another
tulip that looks like a
very lovely pink rose.  
The other one was
mostly white with a hint
of pink.  These flowers
look similar to some of
the other ones but most
of them are different.  
Although I think the
pointy ones have been
in here before, but the
two on the right are
newcomers for sure.  
The big picture directly above (on the left side of
the page) is a picture of the garden from the far
northern edge looking toward the evergreens.  
Jarrett's white pine tree is on the far right.  It's
getting some new growth.

Off center is the burning bush which keeps
getting bigger every year and shades more of the
flowers underneath it.  You can also see on the
far bottom right (near Jarrett's pine tree) one of
the roses that came back.  I lost two of them over
the winter.  That's why I had to plant another one!  

At the top right (next to the garden picture is a
daffodil with a peachy center.  Below that is the
weird daffodil whose name escapes me.

On the right is a picture of the front yard looking
from the front side of the big flower garden.  You
can see Andrew & Jarrett's candles if you look
close enough and squint your eyes!

Now, it's going to rain for a while, so maybe the
grass will finally grow!!
and even MORE Flowers - 2006
The two crab apple trees in full bloomage.